“Metamorphosis” for marimba with 6 mallets plus 14 percussion instruments

Pei-Ching Wu recitalMarimba virtuoso Pei-Ching Wu is giving a 3-concert tour this November in Taiwan. This is her 13th solo recital, and the 2nd program in which all pieces are for 6-mallet marimba, including Yu-Hui’s “Metamorphosis” (2014), a commission from Wu.

A founding member of the internationally renowned Ju Percussion Group, Pei-Ching Wu has served as principal of the ensemble since she was 18 years old. Wu has performed around the world either as a soloist or with Ju Percussion Group. She has been perfecting the 6 mallets techniques for 20 years. Wu is an Associate Professor of Music at Taipei National University of the Arts.