Innovation Series 2017 新點子樂展 @ NTCH

The Innovation Series is a large annual event presented by the National Theater and Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, that showcases groundbreaking performances in contemporary theater, dance, and music. Yu-Hui was excited to be part of the 2017 series’ unique music theater project – “The Pilgrimage”, which took place between 9/29-10/1 at the Experimental Theater. Directed by composer Ching-Wen Chao and theater director Ding-Yun Huang, “The Pilgrimage”, a multi-media feast, combines music written by seven composers (including Yu-Hui & Chao, plus Chia-Lin Pan, Shih-Hui Chen, Yi-Chen Chen, Mei-Fang Lin, and Mu-Xuan Lin), and a crew specializing in mechanical, lighting, sound, and stage design. Performed by a group of singers, children’s choir, 2 percussionists (Aiyun Huang and Yung-Chih Hsueh) and 2 pianists, it tells the story of political conflicts and cultural convergence in recent Taiwanese history.

In addition to The Pilgrimage, this year’s Innovation Series featured a concert by the Morgenstern Trio and clarinetist Nina Janssen-Deinzer from Germany, and a collective composing project that gathered musicians from Central Asia and Taiwan in a weeklong workshop and performance.