“Rio del Tizon” (2011) on cellist Rhonda Rider’s new Grand Canyon CD

Rhonda Grand Canyon CDThe fabulous cellist Rhonda Rider, who is on the faculty of Boston Conservatory and Boston University, has an upcoming CD, The Grand Canyon Project, to be released by MSR Classics laster this year. As part of the commissioned works for this project, Yu-Hui’s Rio del Tizon is included in this fascinating album.  Rio del Tizon, which means Firebrand River, is an old Spanish name for the lower Colorado River, which carved out the Grand Canyon.  Thus differentiates it from the other rivers that are also named Colorado.

Nine other pieces commissioned for this project are also included on this CD, they are written by David Rakowski, John Kennedy, Jan Swafford, Laura Kaminsky, Marti Epstein, Dalit Hadass Warshaw, Howard Frazin, Jeffrey Mumford, and Andy Vores.  Check on MSR Classics’ page for more detail (Rhonda Rider, “The Grand Canyon Project”)